CDL Self Certification in MA

Commercial Driver’s License Self Certification in Massachusetts

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders have the option of Self Certification in Massachusetts. We offer the Self Certification service that is compliant with the department of transportation and the MA RMV as certified health professionals to fulfill this self certification.

Are you interested in obtaining or renewing your Commercial Driver’s License? Have a qualified examiner do the physical exam, and then you can do the self-certification with the RMV to make the process faster than sitting in line!

If you reside in Massachusetts, we are your go to resource for CDL Health cards, DOT Exams, DOT Cards and medical certifications to keep you compliant and up to date with you health records in accordance with The Department of Transportations guidelines and laws.! The state of MA licenses us as trusted Physical examinations professionals, so contact us for more information on how it works seamlessly from start to finish.

Are there any more Massachusetts residents who want a smoother procedure?

Self Certification

We may be able to help you self certify with the RMV if you reside in MA! (fee applies)

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders are required to update the RMV with their DOT medical card to support their CDL. 

This process is called Self Certification!  


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