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A dot physical exam and card is a requirement for all CDL holders, truck drivers, and many other professions that require you to drive a commercial motor vehicle. The DOT Physical exam is an extensive health check to ensure you are safe to be behind the wheel of a commercial motor vehicle for both your safety, and the well-being of those who share the road with you.

The state of Massachusetts requires anyone with any commercial driver’s license to take regular health examinations. New England DOT Physicals is certified by both federal and state authorities with licensed physicians on hand to get you DOT Certified.

Some examples of those who need a DOT card are CDL holders, Hoisting & Hydraulic License Carriers, read more here to find out about the specifics pertaining to local regulations and if you need a DOT Card.

In order to obtain a DOT Certification, you must first have a valid Driers License, There’s no getting around passing the mandatory physical exam for commercial motor vehicle operators, there can be huge fines for both you and your employer and even suspension of driving privileges all together. We here at NE DOT Physicals pride ourselves on keeping not only our practice but also our patients compliant will all state and local DOT Health regulations.

NE DOT Physicals will work in accordance with The Department of Transportation’s requirements and will assess your physical health for commercial drivers’ licenses, including CDL, Hoisting License or for general commercial motor vehicle operation.

Did you know that driving a vehicle or combination vehicle and trailer with a combined gross vehicle weight rating over 10,001 lb. falls under The Department of Transportation’s definition of a commercial operator? It also includes anyone driving a vehicle capable of transporting over 16 people.

DOT Physical examinations are a necessary step to getting licensed as a professional driver in the state of Massachusetts. Let our experienced DOT professionals take care of it so you can focus on the job at hand!

Not all doctors offices offer, or are certified in providing a DOT physical- in fact most primary care doctors do not provide this evaluation at all. We have DOT-approved doctors, nurses, and technicians here at New England DOT physicals to keep you healthy, compliant and back on the road quickly!

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